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Issue 1
Issue Period: 3
Publish Date: 02-03-2024

Time is Brain: A Preoperative Neurological Evaluation Before Surgery?

Giuseppe Bonavina1*, Monika Zackova1, Erik Del Mestro2, Alice R. Portillo3

Pages: 1-4

Views: 32

Downloads: 9


Clinical Evidence and Future Perspectives of Generative Reprocessing Therapy (TRG) for Mental Health: A Current Overview

Juliana Bezerra Lima-Verde1, Annamaria Gomes Pereira1 and Jair Soares dos Santos1*

Pages: 5-7

Views: 39

Downloads: 6


Immunoadsorption vs. Plasma Exchange in Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

Levin Ace Danganan1*, Elizer Montemayor1, Renato Dejan Jr.1

Pages: 8-16

Views: 12

Downloads: 4


Cognitive Impairment of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Risk Factors

Ulziizaya Sodov1*, Tovuudorj Avirmed1, Khishigsuren Zuunnast1

Pages: 17-25

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Downloads: 2